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Submitting a Candidate

Procedure for submitting North Carolina Soccer Hall of Fame candidate statements and for Selecting Inductees

Revised 3-25-2023

The primary purpose of the North Carolina Soccer Hall of Fame is to recognize and honor those persons who have made significant contributions to the game of soccer in the State of North Carolina.  A potential candidate would be a person who has contributed significant time to the development of the game as a player, coach, referee or administrator.  Said candidate would have spent several years in North Carolina directly involved in and promoting the game.  Candidates with primarily regional or national accomplishments can also be considered where those accomplishments draw attention to furthering the game in the State by virtue of their prior relationship to North Carolina.


Individuals may be identified for candidacy by members of the following groups:

a  NCSHOF Partner Organizations:  North Carolina Youth Soccer Association, North Carolina Adult Soccer Association, North Carolina Soccer Coaches Association and North Carolina Soccer Referees Association

b  NC Soccer Hall of Fame, NCSHOF National Champions Hall of Honor, NCSHOF Board of Directors


Submission procedure:

a  The deadline for submission of candidate statements is August 31 each year.

b  The official NCSHOF Candidate template form and Candidate-Statement Cover Sheet must be used.  This procedure statement and copies of the template form and the cover sheet are provided on the NCSHOF website ( and on the website of each NCSHOF partner organization.

c  Submissions by members of Partner Organizations must be submitted to the partner organization of which the submitter is a member.

d  Submissions by members of the NC Soccer Hall of Fame, NCSHOF National Champions Hall of Honor or NCSHOF Board of Directors are submitted directly to the NCSHOF Board Chairman.


Selection of North Carolina Soccer Hall of Fame inductees is a three-phase process.  Phase 1 is the identification of candidates, which is the process described above.  Phase 2 is a confidential, private review by the NCSHOF Board of Directors of all of the candidate statements, concluded with a vote by secret ballot to determine which of the candidates to include as a nominee in phase 3.  A candidate must receive at least 50% of the vote to be considered a nominee.  Phase 3 is a vote by electronic secret ballot by all living members of the NC Soccer Hall of Fame and the Board of Directors.  The top three vote-getters are selected as inductees and a fourth if she or he receives more than 50% of the votes based on the total number of votes that are cast.


On its own authority, the Board of Directors may choose to honor an individual for induction.  Selection
of an individual in this manner may not cause the total number of inductees in the class to exceed the
maximum of four.


It is North Carolina Soccer Hall of Fame policy that a person selected for induction will not be inducted until she or he attends the induction banquet.  In the event of a posthumous induction, a member of the inductee’s family must attend.



a  An individual who is nominated as a candidate for the NC Soccer Hall of Fame can maintain that status for up to three consecutive years.

b  If not elected for induction by the third year, she or he will not be accepted as a candidate or nominee for the next two years following the three-year period.

c  At the end of the second year of the two-year period, the individual must be re-nominated in accordance with the nomination procedure in place at that time.

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